pixel artist


Status last updated 05/12/2023

*Due to circumstances, I must continue taking commissions, but I am fatigued so please be patient with me.

I make pixels and stuff and sometimes 3D things and sometimes also stream, but let's be real here, you're here for how much coinage I'm asking of ya'

Terms of service

★ Stripe preferred, paypal available if not possible. No alternatives. I will send an invoice, do not attempt to send me money without one.
Only email communications. It's easier to keep track of the conversation and gives everyone time to really think about specifics.
★ No full NSFW, very suggestive OK.
★ No harmful or hateful imagery. This is subjective.
★ Items that are meant to be animated do not count as icons. They must be constructed differently.
★ Currently I will not commit to long term game dev projects unless it's contractual and stable income. You may of course be a return customer, but please understand that at any point I may not be able to continue on your game if other things come up without contracts/stability.
You must know a complete item list needed before a commission can start or invoice given. Delay in these things will effect any sales being given at the time or limited slots reserved. Please feel free to email me if you need help on deciding what you need, within reason.
★ Details for the commission will be taken before payment, please be specific, as this will become the 'original brief'.
★ I have the right to refuse any commission before it's started.
Work does not start until paid. Payment under $80 is due immediately. Over $80, that much of the total is due immediately. The rest of the payment must be cleared before final assets given. If more then $300, we will come up with milestones.
★ You will be given a 'start date', this is either the date that you paid, or a date agreed upon because of commission volume.
★ Please keep 'check ins' to every week from start date if I've not shown you anything or asked more questions. Allow more time if it's near a holiday.
★ For smaller items, there will be no sketch stage and I will just work on the finished item. It's just kinda how pixel art tends to work for me.
★ Because of no sketch stage and the nature of pixel art, small changes and back and forths are to be expected. However, large scale changes that were not given/considered in the original brief are limited to 3 revisions per item, unless discussed for much larger orders.
★ Refunds are only possible if I either have not finished my original side of the work within 2 months from your start date (or more for larger projects) or if the original brief is not met. If I have done most of the original work and during revisions we go over 2 months, this does not count as a reason for a refund. If the work done matches the original brief and a change was not agreed upon before all revisions are used, I still count it as finished. By accepting my invoice, you accept this as well.
★ If you have a deadline shorter then 2 weeks, this is a rush order. Rush orders are subject to a $50 fee.
★ I do stream my art at times. If you would like your commission not to be streamed, tell me. There is no privacy fee, just make sure I know and I will not stream it.
You may not resell this art*, and you may not mint it as an NFT regardless of if you intend to sell it.
*Art for merchandise must be discussed thoroughly and will be priced differently. All art is commercial use for digital avenues by default, for example selling a game with my artwork does not fall under reselling. My artwork is to be used, but you cannot resell the images by themselves. The exception to this is if you commission art for a character on things such as toyhou.se or a vtuber, and the ownership of that character changes, I do not mind. A grey area would be cosmetic DLC. This is merchandise, but would have different terms then printed illustrations. AKA if you're doing anything more then just using the artwork for game dev, streaming, or personal gifts, please let us talk about it.

That was a lot. Still here?
Shoot me an email once you're ready!



Please read through all of the options available before contacting!
- Animation is available, but is custom priced for difficulty.
- Icons are not for things that will be animated characters or tilesets.
- These are the prices for common items, if you need something custom, you can contact me for a quote.
- All prices are for commercial use.

(These are also for streaming badges & emotes)


$10 per icon

Default: 16px | Twitch: 18px

(These are also for streaming badges & emotes)

Large Icons

$25 for 1 | $55 for 3

+$25 for (light) animation

Default: 32px | Twitch: 28px

Mini Headshot

$30 Base | +$5 To Extend Canvas

40px x 45px small headshot of a character. Have to keep in mind that large attributes will try and be minified!

Super Chibis

$30 Per Character | +$15 for custom pose

*Animation currently negotionable

50px x 60px, requires fullbody reference. Some details may have to be reduced.

Large Chibis



Additional Character: +$30

Simple Background: +$10

120px - 150px Height

Puppet Animation


Additional Character: +$65

individual quote for advanced animation

Simple Background: +$20

120px - 150px Height

Large Images


Static: $100 | +$20 per Head Movement Expression

Mouth Animation: +$30 per expression

individual quote for advanced animation

150px - 180px Height


Static: $200 | +$20 per Expression

Mouth Animation: +$30 per expression

individual quote for advanced animation

180px Height

Quick & Dirty Portraits

Experimental, may not always be here

2 Weeks | Skeb* Style | Payment Upfront

128px | 64px | 32px
$80 | $40 | $20

* Skeb style means that you will give me as much detail as you can with the original brief, colors, outfits, & headpose, and I will create a finished work without further input or sketch stage. No refunds or nitpicks, please be very clear. By getting this commission, you trust in my choices as an artist and fancy of colors.


If you'd like to contact me about work, only use email. (nina@misnina.com). Do not contact me through discord.

Please reach out and email if you have any questions or need a quote on custom work.